We’re committed to help you be the best educator you can be for your child by providing you with all the support, guidance, and resources you need to homeschool.

To enroll, inquire about our school, and speak with an experienced homeschooler, please contact our Administrative Assistants 1-907-742-1181 (available Monday – Thursday).

Amy Darrell is available 9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Carli-ann Hook is available 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Ashley Bukowski

Bland, Wiley

Phone: 907-742-1183
Email: bland_wiley@asdk12.org

Barbara Brown

Brown, Barbara

Phone: 742-1196
Email: brown_barbara@asdk12.org

Carrie Christenson

Christenson, Carrie

Curriculum Coordinator

Phone: 742-2942
Email: christenson_carrie@asdk12.org

Elizabeth Hunt

Hunt, Elizabeth

Phone: 742-1186
Email: hunt_elizabeth@asdk12.org

Ruth Dennis

Kress, Teresa


Phone: 907-230-7938
Email: kress_teresa@asdk12.org

Kristin Leahy

Leahy, Kristin

IEP Support

Phone: 742-1174
Email: leahy_kristin@asdk12.org

Pam Swanberg

Swanberg, Pamela

Phone: 742-2941
Email: swanberg_pamela@asdk12.org


Amy Darrell

Darrell, Amy

Assistant Registrar

Phone: 742-1181
Email: darrell_amy@asdk12.org

Carli-ann Hook

Hook, Carli-ann

Phone: 742-2940
Email: hook_carli@asdk12.org

Mia Kim

Kim, Mia

Business Office, Reimbursements

Phone: 742-1190
Email: kim_mia@asdk12.org

Margie Mitchell

Mitchell, Margie


Phone: 907-742-1191
Email: mitchell_margie@asdk12.org

LaNore Smith

Smith, LaNore

Business Office, Requisitions

Phone: 742-1189
Email: smith_lanore@asdk12.org

LaNore Smith

Janel Ryan

Business Office, Vendor Services

Phone: 742-1195
Email: ryan_janel@asdk12.org


Scott Grant

Grant, Scott

Phone: 742-1184
Email: grant_scott@asdk12.org


Finkler, Jerry

Phone: 742-1182
Email: finkler_gerald@asdk12.org

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