To equip students by creating an ideal educational community linking homes, experts, and learners.

Institution’s Beliefs:

Academic Excellence: Parents/guardians believe that they can help each of their children achieve academic excellence. This belief stems from the fact that they are willing and able to give education top priority and that they can build an individualized education program that meets the needs of each child.
Our goal, in everything we do, is to make a homeschooling parent’s job easier;

Frontier Charter is a School with Heart:

  • Genuine respect, admiration and appreciation for homeschooling parents and students
  • Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Friendliness in all that we do
  • True flexibility to genuinely customize an education plan
  • Our goal, in everything we do, is to make a homeschooling parent’s job easier


Established in 2003, Frontier Charter School continues its vibrant commitment to serve homeschool families.

We believe in parental involvement in custom tailoring the child’s education.

We believe that parents can be their child’s best facilitators of learning.

We believe in being on the leading edge of educational possibilities.



We provide resources in support of your educational values and goals


We offer the greatest level of freedom to choose the curriculum you want. (Refer to the complete details in the Frontier Handbook


Need an instructional vendor? At Frontier, you choose the vendor that you want


Academic advising: as much as you want, as little as you need


Access to Anchorage School District (ASD) schools and programs, sports and activities


Earn an ASD high school diploma


NCAA approved curriculum available


Use your funding at UAA or other universities


Hi, I’m Jerry Finkler. Homeschooling became a way of life for my family beginning in 1996, when we lived in Fairbanks. Additionally, I’ve been working in publicly-funded homeschool programs since 2007. I understand that the idea of homeschooling might sound overwhelming at first. That is why I am committed to providing you with the support, guidance, and resources you will need every step of the way from registration to graduation. You can do this.



My son went here and we loved it! They have caring counselors, great administration staff and a great principal.

Lisa Skigirl


I went here for my last year of high school and it was a great experience.

The staff is very helpful, there is a wide selection of classes, and I learned a lot from the courses that I was enrolled in.



My family has been with them now for two years, and we couldn’t be happier. Their support in all areas; whether through individual assessments, curriculum questions, or billing – everyone is a phone call or email away. My kids are thriving and even above grade level due to their support!

Maria Hass

We’ve homeschooled from the beginning. Each of our kids have experienced going off to school at some point in their education but have all decided homeschool is their favorite. It may not be perfect all of the time, but overall, it’s just been a great opportunity for our family to learn and explore together. We love to read, do hands-on or game-style learning, play outside, sing and play instruments together, read poetry and jokes, and laugh a lot.

Heidi Hancock

2022 Graduation Ceremony


girl writing with pencil

I think Frontier’s biggest advantage for our family has been their flexibility. Whether it’s wanting to come up with our own curriculum for a subject or changing programs mid semester they are there to support you. I knew that we had a lot of options for homeschool, but I’ve been impressed with how much we could still do, even in the midst of COVID. While working from home, we are homeschooling a 7, 5, and 3rd grader while our 1st grader is still enrolled in public school. I love that we can fit what we need for each child and it’s never all or nothing. My older children have dyslexia and Frontier paid for several levels of the Barton program to continue my girls dyslexia specific tutoring.

We’ve found that school work rarely takes more than 2 hours a day. This has allowed my older girls to take in person Choir, Dance, Tumbling and Cheer. They’ve never had enough time to take more than one activity before and are loving it. The allotment also covered much of these fees, making it possible. My 7th grader has also been able to take small group art instruction, far beyond what she could get in school previously. My 3rd grader has taken woodshop and loved every minute of it.

The other amazing thing is how we’ve been able to really fill in the gaps they’ve been missing through the years. All of my kids are reading at grade level now, something my dyslexics never achieved at their neighborhood school. One even did Battle of the Books with Frontier this year. They loved their advisor and teammates and had an awesome experience. I love that we are able to still participate in classes and activities with our neighborhood schools while still being able to meet our kids individual needs at home in the mornings. And having the allotment to help pay for their curriculum and activities is extra amazing.

Jennifer Kammer, PE, ASD Parent What I learned homeschooling

Frontier helped me land gently into this new world of homeschooling. I was new to homeschooling, due to the pandemic. At first, I was flat out overwhelmed by the sheer number of subject options and curriculum choices, and felt totally unsure what would be best for our family. The Frontier teacher/advisor we were assigned really helped me out. She helped me repackage my loose ideas on the subjects I was thinking of teaching into a workable, appropriate learning plan. Any questions I had were answered quickly, and she continues to be a helpful resource. Homeschooling has gone much better than I expected! My confidence as our son’s teacher has grown a ton, and it has been an absolute gift to get to know our child this way. Both our son and I are enjoying homeschooling so much we are signing up again for next year – and looking forward to it.

Kristiann Maclean


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